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How Venus Opposite Mars Will Heat Up Your Zodiac Sign's Sex Life, According To Astrology | YourTango

It’s about connecting with someone we love, someone we trust, but who also sets every fiber of our being on fire. Mars and Venus together are about letting us simply be ourselves , who we are naturally without thought or care to what others might think. It’s about embracing our own divine feminine or masculine qualities and truly allowing ourselves to revel in being a woman or a man and appreciating the feelings that ensue from either. We also are experiencing these energies at precisely the right moment in astrology. Just days before the full moon, we will experience the magnetic energy of the masculine and feminine meeting in the skies. Sometimes it seems in love that all is lost, that no matter what happens it won’t ever work out, and that maybe the longest standing love affairs aren’t that way because it’s meant to work out but instead because they are not. We struggle to know when to let go or hang on, never really sure if we’re making the right choice or still trying our best to do our best all the same. Sometimes we forget on purpose what we share with another person, and sometimes it happens accidently because life is allowed to scream louder than love. RELATED:  How The Romantic 'Grand Water Trine' Of June Will Affect Your Love Life In A Huge Way This Month In those moments, what we need to do is draw closer together. It seems that as a society we’re famous for taking space from things that we struggle with, situations that confuse us or that we can’t figure out.

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