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A Saudi soldier fires a mortar towards Houthi movement position, at <a href=รองเท้าผ้าใบ the Saudi border with Yemen April 21, 2015. REUTERS/Stringer' align='left' /> cooperation with the Saudi-led coalition, said he was pleased the Obama administration had moved to cut off some arms sales, but he also felt the administration had not gone far enough. It is completely bizarre that they are continuing to refuel Saudi jets that drop bombs on civilians in Yemen, Lieu said. SMART VERSUS DUMB BOMBS The decision to suspend the arms sale to the Saudis marks a reversal for the administration. Officials have long argued that supplying so-called "smart weapons" helped in reducing civilian casualties. But that argument ultimately failed to convince the Obama administration during its review, which the first official said was still ongoing. "It's not a matter of how smart or dumb the bombs are, it's that they're not picking the right targets. The case in point ... is the one on the funeral," the official said. The airstrikes on the funeral took place after the Saudi-led coalition received incorrect information from Yemeni military figures that armed Houthi leaders were in the area, an investigative body set up by the coalition said in October. Earlier this year, the U.S. military reduced the number of U.S.